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Propagation coupling is only used by passive tags operating in the UHF band (300MHz to 3GHz) which are relatively uncommon.

Most RFID tags, including the RF430FRL152H, utilize inductive coupling which serves as the basis for Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

In a country where nearly 95 per cent of the population is unemployed after years of economic turmoil and corruption under President Mugabe, and where one in eight women die in childbirth every day, the fines could rob a woman of a year's salary.

When Transparency International contacted Zimbabwe's deputy prime minister, he ordered an investigation and since then no further reports of fines have been made.

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The reader chip generates a voltage signal on it's antenna which in turn creates a magnetic field.

This magnetic field then creates a voltage signal on the tag's antenna which can then be modulated by the transponder chip.

Passive tags are powered by the RF field of the rfid reader and communicate by modulating the reader's RF field rather than transmitting their own signal.

They are typically used for inventory tracking of low cost items at short distances.

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