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With skills passed down to her from her grandfather, a man with an artisan spirit, she is a highly accomplished mechanic in her own right.

Cindy supports Noctis and the gang on their travels as the mechanic of their beloved vehicle, the Regalia.

Hammerhead is a body shop located in the Leide region of the Kingdom of Lucis.

The ever-cheerful belle of the body shop Cindy Aurum handles the day-to-day business.

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She’s a Kappa Kappa Gamma and also dabbles in acting.

If you’re into daytime TV, she plays Charlotte on “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

Variation (with the 7 Clubs and King of Hearts as last two cards): John is meeting Mary in his ...

Meet Camelia From USC Today’s College Girl of the Day is Camelia from the University of Southern California.

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