Difference between close friends dating

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I don't want to be someone's, "This is who I'm dating".I want to be someone's "We travel the world together." You Don't Need a Trial-and-Error Period Dating is like a trial and error period.But when you're traveling with someone...there is no time for trial and error.In fact, if you attempt doing a trial and error period while traveling with someone, there's a good chance that you'll end up ruining your whole trip or hating them.Seems a little intense..intensity is needed when you travel with someone.

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Check out my blog for some awesome solo (while I'm waiting...) adventure locations and tips (My Lifes AMovie.com) or my Instagram, @mylifesatravelmovie!A relationship would never work with me if the guy is just "dating" material.I need someone who is "travel the world with" material. You're Either Unsure or All-In What's a "date" anyway?This is someone you want to share your whole world with, and who makes everything else seem like a blur.You get along with someone who is "travel the world with" material so well, that you couldn't imagine ever doing anything without them.

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