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‘Maybe this #bitwitter hashtag will finally get me a girlfriend’ tweeted one assumingly bisexual female.

No, but you have more of a chance of gaining a stalker or catfish, possibly bisexual too, if that helps?

imgur That “B” in LGBT is just a “coming out” process, apparently.

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Buzzfeed called the hashtag a “beautiful” thing, but then again, they would call the most hideous looking creature beautiful if it swung even remotely to the left or was a Hillary Clinton supporter. How could people be so horrible to those poor bisexual people? afterellen It’s strange that bi-phobia actually exists, the assumption by many is that being “bisexual” is generally seen as “cool” and acceptable.

Oh Twitter, you are so politically correct and so left-wing that it hurts.

The Twittersphere recently gave birth to a brand new shiny hashtag, #Bi Twitter The hashtag encouraged bisexual people to share their pictures and stories in order to gain visibility and acceptance in society. Media Giphy The hashtag, which was mostly comprised of overweight butch looking girls posting unflattering selfies in baggy jumpers and posing seductively, seemingly was a way to avoid the subscription fee of

Most often or not this seems to be the case with many knowingly homosexuals, who are simply too frightened to label themselves as gay for fear of ridicule and disownment.

Pinimg If you’re bisexual, homophobic straight guys can still “kinda” hang out with you because you’re not 100% gay, you’re still one of the “bros” and therefore can still awkwardly sexually harass girls while subconsciously pretending that you are making out with a 6 ft 3 rugby player. Mum’s can still hope that one day you will give them grandchildren and you can for the most part, walk down the street and avoid homophobia and any abuse. But, those in the know, view bisexual men as “closeted gays” and just a short Uber ride away from homosexual valley.

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