House wife on lin chat

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That’s what you look for to tell someone is flirting with you.Also self-disclosure — they tell you something about themselves.’‘British people don’t like intrusion, but they love to be talked to,’ says Jean. I teach you to break these unwritten rules about being polite which make it so hard to meet people.She has also devised an unlikely acronym for six flirting signals to look for.‘It’s HOT APE — Humour, open body-language, touch, attention, proximity and eye contact.On a wet Tuesday, I am hovering furtively in the fresh produce section of Sainsbury’s.But my absorption in the merits of Golden Delicious and Washington Reds is but a cunning charade. Flirting has been Jean’s specialist subject for more than a decade, after doing a masters degree in social anthropology.Then Jean dispatches us into a local Tesco to strike up conversation about groceries, telling us one client was so successful in a chat over cheesecake that the guy asked her out and they dated for three months.Actually, it turns out Jean’s goal may not coincide with James’s.

When home is a place to stash used sippy cups and soiled clothes before heading off to the next commitment?

This is not to say she advocates hooking up with a short, fat pauper.

But she urges me not to rule out someone just because I prefer taller men: ‘It’s holding you back.

(She prefers the smell of line-dried linens.) Our chat revealed more than just the secrets behind her cleaning success.

She tells of a time before smartphones and jam-packed schedules.

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