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And its reach is growing: Fox News been the most-watched network among all of basic cable for four consecutive quarters.

A good portion of that success is due to the smooth launch of “Fox News Specialists,” a new show geared to a younger audience co-hosted by Eric Bolling, Katherine Timpf and Eboni K. “You have to hook the audience,” Bolling told The Wrap in a recent interview.

Also Read: Tucker Carlson Slams CNN's Trump Coverage as ' Advocacy,' ' Not Really Journalism' (Video) “I got called and Mr. We want to keep you in the center seat, we want to keep the audience and we’re going to figure out what we’re going to do with it,'” Bolling said.

For a few days, all the media world knew was that Bolling would be part of a new show but details were scarce.

The network hasn’t missed a beat, continuing its 15-year run atop all direct competitors.Malkin was among the first of several bloggers who questioned the credibility and even the existence of Iraqi police Captain "Jamil Hussein" who had been used as a source by the Associated Press in over 60 stories about the Iraq war.The controversy started in November 2006 when the AP reported that six Iraqis had been burned alive as they left a mosque and that four mosques had been destroyed, citing Hussein as one of its sources.The article included a picture of Rumsfeld's long tree-lined driveway that showed a birdhouse and small portion of the housefront.Malkin declared that this story was part of "a concerted, organized effort to dig up and publicize the private home information of prominent conservatives in the media and blogosphere to intimidate them." The photos of Rumsfeld's house were taken with Rumsfeld's permission.

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