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And now IU and JIYEON have ended their 'older male' romantic relationships. Maybe JIYEON did accept the idea that it was a TEMPORARY couple situation. It's possible that someone told Jiyeon and she caught them. PERHAPS they were in a two year relationship where it was mutually understood that it was *not* likely to result in a *marriage* situation between them.

Could SUZY (with LEE MIN HO) be 'next' on the 'It's Over' list? They both get 'seen' as a 'celebrity couple' and benefit from the 'publicity' of that. Personally, I have NO IDEA what the 'expectations' were between them. He was either already having feelings for this other woman when they were together or already seeing her.

And JO YOON HEE (Age 34) probably think that LDG looks like GOOD marriage material too.

Whereas, JIYEON (T-ARA Group) is Age 24 ; so a full 10 Years YOUNGER than either of them.

This wedding announcement takes the cake this year for greatest initial shock followed by a collective shoulder shrug.

So, SUZY, IU, and JIYEON are supposed to be pretty good personal friends. Hopefully, JIYEON did figure that this *was* the likely ending ; before it did happen. They said (and this is just me repeating what they said, cannot substantiate or confirm) that these 2 were dating in September.[ 549, -18] She's so much better than Jiyeon and matches him better too 2. [ 42, -1] Lee Dong Gun seems to be the type that can't stay single 5.[ 423, -12] I thought they matched well, I'm glad it worked out ㅎ their age gap is just perfect too ㅋㅋㅋ 3. [ 36, -2] She's actually the best match he's dated so far!!! [ 34, -3] He's old enough now where he has to consider marriage when he's dating 7. [ 25, -0] If only he didn't write that post when he was dating Jiyeon ㅋㅋㅋ that's going to haunt him for the rest of his career ㅋㅋ "Everyone~ My Jiyeon is more mature than me~ I'm more immature than Jiyeon is~" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 9.Playing a couple in KBS' weekend drama 'The Laurel Tailor's Gentlemen' which concluded on February 26, it appears the two naturally grew close while working together on the set.It was also reported that the staff had suspected something had been going on between the two, however, did their best to keep it a secret.

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