Ronnie wood dating history scientific match dna dating

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There is a fag dangling out of the corner of the 67-year-old’s mouth, and his shirt is hanging open to reveal a surprisingly youthful and sculpted chest. ” Wood is trailing green string up the side of his giant house, trying to tempt the wisteria all the way to the top.

When will it flower, I ask, before realising that this is the unlikeliest question to put to a Rolling Stone.

“Twice a year,” he shouts, “though other than that, I’ve got no f------ idea!

” I am here to meet Sally Humphreys, aka the third Mrs Ronnie Wood.

Sally, however, wasn’t waiting in the wings – she had her own boyfriends – and admits she was surprised when, in 2011, they became involved. But there are also half-completed jigsaw puzzles all over the place. At this point, Ronnie comes down from his studio and answers my question simply. So now, instead, we watch 19 murder mysteries in a row. “When Aaron Paul [who played Jesse Pinkman in the show] came backstage at a gig,” reveals Sally, “that caused more pandemonium than even the band.” “We cracked the ice with him,” continues Ronnie. ’ and Patti [Keith’s wife] was like, 'Oh my God, get out of the way. ’ ” I ask Sally about the death of L’Wren Scott in March, while the band were on tour in Australia (they cancelled that leg in the wake of the news, and will return in the autumn), but she says it is not her story to talk about. While still relatively young, she is aware that time is precious.

”, perhaps the real question should be: “Ronnie, how on earth did you bag a broad like Sally? I think I had to say 'I can’t do this because of the age’, or I just had to let it go and take it all on board.

” They first met just over a decade ago, when Sally was working at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. At no point, years ago, did I say to myself: 'I think I’ll go out with someone twice my age’, but that is what has happened.” They were married a year and a half ago, in a ceremony at the Dorchester Hotel. Even Jo likes her replacement so much that she wishes they had got together sooner. She is credited with being – quite literally – a sobering influence on Ronnie.

A Brummie born and bred, Sally is the daughter of two classical musicians, Colin and Alison – Ronnie is actually two years older than her mum – and a former pupil of King Edward VI Grammar School in Handsworth, where she was head girl.

She has just passed her grade one piano exam, because she wanted to be able to play Happy Birthday and sing Victoria Wood songs. For while many might be tempted to ask: “So Sally, what first attracted you to the multimillionaire rock star Ronnie Wood?

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