Scientific dating scientific dating

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Obviously, the theory of evolution remains a very popular explanation of origins, especially among most scientists.

However, I am not alone in thinking that the theory of evolution is severely limited in what it can explain - to the point of being completely untenable given what we now know about genetics, geology, the fossil record, and various dating mechanisms today.

Ideally, the more similar to us is a person, the more comfortable we feel together.

However, our body, for the sake of getting a better progeny, chooses someone the most different from us, as genes need variety.

In fact, it is not only historically obvious, but its activity can be detected today . It can be tested and studied in the laboratory in real time.

Rectification is performed using the dates of death of parents, grandparents, if someone died after your birth.

Australia is the lowest continent in the world with an average elevation of only 330 metres.

The highest points on the other continents are all more than twice the height of Australia's highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko which is 2228 metres above sea level.

There are many variations within both camps as well as many theories that contain elements from both, but very few theories concerning the origin and diversity of living things exist outside of these two main camps.

Human theories may be backed up by a greater or lesser degree of evidence, but, like all human attempts to search out truth, no one and no theory has ever achieved absolute perfection in any aspect of human knowledge concerning the external world.

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