Updating jensen gps

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They need to convert the data into their own internal formats.The GPS companies also write the programming for calculating routes which is why different GPS systems often calculate different routes even though they have the same underlying map data.After that it is up to the GPS manufacturer to determine how often they purchase updated map datasets from the mapping companies.As mentioned above sometimes this happens annually and sometimes this happens even less often.We recommend you dock your device every 30 days to ensure you have the most recent updates.If you choose 2nd day air or next day air shipping options additional charges will apply.But this data doesn’t make it to your GPS nearly as fast…

They are typically equipped in a van with an extremely sensitive GPS receiver and sometimes a few video cameras.

There are nearly 4 million miles of roads in the USA and these companies map countries all across the world.

Therefore it might take them a little while to gather those corrections.

You report back to the GPS manufacturer or mapping company and alert them that part of the map is out of date.

The mapping company will then need to schedule a review of that particular area.

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