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The Required Field Validator is actually very simple, and yet very useful.You can use it to make sure that the user has entered something in a Text Box control. NET that examines HTTP requests and determines whether they contain potentially dangerous content.This check adds protection from markup or code in the URL query string, cookies, or posted form values that might have been added for malicious purposes. Could you please help me by showing me the best and right approach to validate all the inputs (or data entry) before doing the operation? NET Validation Controls Required Field Validation Control Required Field Validator control , which checks to see if the data is entered for the input control. Text)) else It works well but I think it is lengthy and it makes confusion and makes the code very difficult to understand.

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I'm sure that all the attributes of the controls makes sense by now, so I won't go into details about them. You should see something like this: If your browser supports Java Script, which most modern browers do, then you will notice that the page is not being posted back to the server - the validation is performed clientside! To see how it feels, you can add enableclientscript="false" to the Required Field Validator and try again.

JQuery Validation plugin is very easy to use and has the advantage of being highly customizable both in functionality, such as validation rules.

The purpose of this tutorial is a few lines of Java Script specify the form and apply the validation plugin.

NET Web Forms developer and I am struggling with validating a Data Entry Form.

I should use the server-side validation only and it has to be using pure C#.

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