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I’d totally have sex with him in his grotty caravan. With that accent, though, his dirty talk would be indecipherable. READ MORE: The Inevitablity Of Sex In A Long-Term Relationship ‘I wish you were here right now’I’m so glad I alone am able to smell the nauseating silent-but-violent fart that just shhhhh-ed it’s way out of my rear end, like Bjork in gaseous form.The ungodly sulphurous fug invisibly rising up from my backside is more terrifying than the rise of Isis.But I’m told I should have blood tests to rule out a problem with my thyroid gland or anaemia (both can lead to fatigue).

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At the end of our chat, she suggests getting a telephone consultation with my GP — I am slightly underwhelmed by this — and then arranging with him to have blood tests for anaemia and thyroid problems and diabetes. Like these…‘It’s such a turn-on to actually be able to see you’…but not at THAT angle, and not THAT close. Swinging your scrotum into the camera like that makes me feel like I’m about to be fed a raw, skin-on chicken breast that’s been repeatedly dropped on the lounge carpet of a stoner with a lot of pet cats. but probably because your pants will be on fire due to all the lies you’ve told.READ MORE: Single Bed Sex: It's Always Rubbish, Right? What if penises had other little penises inside them that popped out of the tip like Alien mouths?‘My connection keeps dropping out…‘This is so intense…’Do you know what would be really intense? Probably best if I don’t tell you that random thought, though, and pretend I’m 100% concentrating on this Skype sex thing. ‘It’s such a tease watching each other without being able to touch’No, it’s not.

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