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When she returned, Steve was sound asleep.***Steve tried to be quiet getting up and dressing but he woke Lauren up.She kissed him, telling him she planned to spend the day at the pool but would be ready for him when he got done for dinner. ”Brian and Jenni laughed off her suggestion but they all knew what she was asking.Hell, we did about the same thing New Year’s Eve right in front of them,” Lauren said.“I think that night is the reason you were able to convince Jenni.She was so horny after your husband kissed her and felt her tits.She hasn’t mentioned it but I know she thinks about.”“Really, Jenni’s asked me a few times if I liked kissing you and if you felt my tits.I was honest with her, telling that I enjoyed your kisses and you did grab my tits.Lauren packed up her stuff at the pool heading back to the suite. She also gave her pubic area a once over with the razor to make sure she was nice and smooth. She had packed a long blue dress that while formal showed plenty of cleavage. It was the sexy look she was going for.“Wow, you look amazing,” Steve said walking in the door.“Sorry, but this is going to be a long boring dinner but there will be plenty of wine.”“Steve, are you going to get me drunk to take advantage of me? With you in that sexy dress I will have to hide a hard-on all night,” Steve said kissing her. The banquet was as Steve predicted long and boring but plenty of wine.

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I’m going to take a shower if you don’t mind.”“Mind?texted Lauren that the meetings were going long for her to get herself room service.had warned Lauren this might happen so she wasn’t surprised.I guess your friend down here may get a little attention this weekend.” Lauren said patting Steve’s crotch.“I’m hoping for a taste of that sweet juice between your legs. I did jack you off and you got cum all over my shirt.I have to admit I tasted my fingers after that little interlude we had two weeks back. I washed that shirt before Brian got home so he couldn’t know.

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