Wow armory not updating my character radioactive carbon dating method

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If you cannot log in and delete them, please let an in–game support representative know.

You may reference my comment here if the Game Master fields you my way again.

Remember: It's NOT an app issue, it's Wo W.

It's very likely that the Trial Wo W license and your current Wo W license are not one and the same.

Anything else I either redirect or provide a quick response based on my experience and understanding of Wo W's back end.

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I don't know if they will offer this service, so you should follow up by speaking with a billing rep.

I deleted the level 2 toon, and the list still shows the level 9. I have had a realm Transfer with one of my toons a couple of days ago.

The transfer went well and I am able to log on to him, but he still hasnt shown up on the Mobile Armory yet.

Name: Qwentus Realm: Altar of Storms Thanks Hey, Wilebosk, thanks for consistently providing support for this app.

I installed it a couple weeks ago, and I've since rerolled a character (deleted a belf and created a gnome of the same name), and I'm hitting the data cache problem.

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